30 Days of Kink : Day 10

Day 10: What are your hard limits?

Hard Limits…. Well thats an easy answer… i really dont like blood .. well more specifically period blood … that week of the month to me is blowjobs and anal week .. i get off just as much as he does during that week … but NO BLOOD … and absolutely never not in a million years ATM .. its just not for me thanks .. i dont overly enjoy water sports .. but if he asked me to i would .. i wouldnt say no but im not going to look for it .. not my thing either … There really isnt much that i wouldnt do … but then again i havent tried everything yet to say whether or not i would continue to do something where… i really would try anything once

Spontaneity is the exquisite freedom of the unexpected

Spontaneity – the condition of being spontaneous; spontaneous behavior or action.


Everybody appreciates a little spontaneity in their life… be it plain vanilla spontaneity such as; (dont mistake this as not being appreciative .. we LOVE these things just not the type im looking to discuss) .. bringing flowers (ps guys .. ALL GIRLS LOVE THIS.. if we say we dont .. we just had a bad experience with someone who brought us flowers.. give us time!!) … surprise dinners/visits/gifts .. OR be it NAUGHTY spontaneity .. WE ALL LOVE A LITTLE SURPRISE IN OUR LIVES !!! 

That level of excitement you feel when your partner grabs you and throws you into a room at a party, the coat room at a staff function, the private bathroom at your favorite bar .. and rips into you ravaging your sexual chi, draining you of will and forcing you to succumb to the passion that hides within you!

Or for the anal addicts such as myself the first time he/she is brave enough to wander into your ass with their fingers .. unexpected but certainly welcome!!  or maybe theyre behind you .. plowing that sweet pussy when they pull out and surprisingly rub their cock on your tight little hole .. letting you know that they want inside that sweet behind of yours.. and you moan with satisfaction letting them know you want it too !!

Or when he comes home with a new toy, a ‘I thought of you when i saw this’  treat for the sensual side..

Maybe driving down the highway, starts to play with that spot on your neck, yes you know the one i talk about, just below the bend of the jaw line ever so slightly behind the ear… and you can feel it all the way across your chest into the burning depths of your loins, igniting an insatiable desire to pleasure him .. so you throw caution to the wind take off your seat belt and begin caressing his throbbing cock with your tongue, taking him deep into your throat .. without giving him any warning .. not stopping until his cum runs warm and smooth down the back of your throat , flashing a smile and a giggle as you wipe the little bit off your lip that you missed …


xoxo my lovelies!

❤ Anna


30 Days of Kink : Day 7

Day 7: What’s your favorite toy?

Soooo to be fair i broke this down into sub-catagories .. i found it too hard to choose just one so here goes

Favorite toy that i currently own : Probably my double ended glass dildo .. though mine is red.. I LOVE PUTTING IT IN MY ASS and putting the seahore vibrator on my clit … using some ‘on’ clit stimulant


Favorite Toy that i have tried : PUSSY PUMP … SWEET MOTHER OF GOD GET ME ONE OF THESE NOW !!!!


And the toy i’d most like to try .. the anal hook .. once again


x0xo Anna

30 Days of Kink : Day 6

Day 6: Describe your weirdest/most interesting sexual fantasy.

Answer: Sorry to bombard with you all of these but i do have to catch up , Been away from my laptop for a few days so I’ve been unable to post ..

HHHHmmmm….. well my current naughtiest (if you will) ‘fantasy’ big suprise involves A LOT of anal asspects

I would say right now my biggest fantasy would be to be restrained with something like….


And given an enema .. something i have yet to try .. but am VERY VERY EXCITED to with my breasts bound in bondage ropes so he can stimulate my nipples

I would then want to be teased with maybe a plug or some beads.. either way 😉 …. and then with the restraints moved to the front and over head, tied to an anal hook .. another thing i have yet to get .. but believe me.. I will have one this month and stories for you to hear about it !!!

Until i cum all over the place and then fucked REAL hard in the ass until he cums …




x0x0 ANNA

30 Days of Kink: Day 5

Day 5: What was your first kinky sexual experience?  If you haven’t had one yet, talk about what you hope to have happen.


Answer: My first kinky sexual experience?? hmmm… its hard to remember that long ago …**scratches head** .. gosh I’m actually having trouble with this … I really dont think i can pinpoint when it all started .. I mean when it comes to my ass .. I’ve been sticking things in it as long as I’ve known it was possible .. I’ve always enjoyed breath play and being choked while getting rode hard … hair pulling and the likes.. as for restraints and all that i guess when i was 17 I really started to purchase and collect them …  not really sure what else .. so sorry my lovelies x0x


30 Days of Kink : Day 4

Day 4: Any early experiences that, in retrospect, hint at your kinks?


Answer: ABSO-FREAKIN-LUTELY !! Looking back i guess I’ve always had a thing for the ‘public’ factor … I used to get off at school A LOT .. sometimes in the bathroom, the showers, and when no one was really around .. under the stairs….  sometimes putting a finger or two in my ass while i rubbed my clit to satisfaction. I also love having sex in the woods .. or in parks/ on playgrounds .. of course .. at times of day when theres no chance of kids being around..

I guess my love for the ladies was also pretty apparent at a young age, all the girls in my area and I would hide in closets (seriously, no pun intended) and make out with each other and lick different body parts …

So i guess… I grew up one kinky little girl

😉 x0x Anna


30 Days of Kink : Day 3

Day 3: How did you discover you were kinky?

hmmm… I am not sure i could pin point just one thing… i used to sneak into my brothers room and steal his magazines with girls in them .. this is how i discovered that i was into women .. but how i discovered i was so kinky … im really not sure … i guess my main pathway to this discovery was PORN … If it had not been for porn i wouldnt have seen these things and wanted so badly to discover this side of sex…. and of course .. a talented boyfriend comes in handy for the could be/ dont need to be painful kinks .. also having fetish involved friends helped me to discover whats out there and available for a fetish lifestyle and that i am not alone when i think about enjoying these things… people i know do the same thing .. and some of them are kinkier than i could ever dream of being .. sorry this doesnt exaaaaccctttlllyyy answer the question asked.. but with a pothead brain random access memories are a bit scarce .. and hard to get into